About Us

Accellera Solutions was founded in Januray of 2004 to fill a needed area in the solutions provider market. Companies that rely on solutions providers need someone they can count on to meet their needs in critical times and assist them in planning for future growth.

During your critical times you need to have a partner you can count on. Here, at Accellera Solutions, we understand that your business depends on technology to talk with partners, suppliers, and customers. With our rapid response and reliable solutions you will not be left in the dark. Our solutions professionals will assess your issues and get you up and running with minimum impact on your business.

We also believe that when purchasing solutions for the future you need to make sure you are not purchasing obsolete technology or solutions that will not grow with your business. We will discuss options and solutions that will fit your company's growth and budget. So please give us a call to help design, implement, and support your organization.